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Lab Rules and Expectations

Page history last edited by Leah Jensen 13 years, 4 months ago

Use these rules and expectations for your own use.  Feel free to copy and paste what you want. 


Come in quietly
Sit quietly on the carpet in the order you arrive in
Move to your assigned computer when you are told to do so

Be Nice to Computers
Always have clean hands
No food or drinks in the lab
Don’t touch the screens
Be gentle with mice & headphones
Print with permission ONLY
Click PRINT once
Leave your area neat, clean, and organized

Be Nice to Others
Help others with your mouth not mouse
Keep your hands on your computer only
Open only your work

Internet Rules
Stay on approved websites or assigned tasks
No email
No chatting
Never give out personal information

Dismissal Procedures
Respond during the teacher’s Call & Response                                                           

Save Work/Exit programs
Hang headphones up
Straighten keyboard/mouse
Gather materials/trash
Push in chair and stand behind it until dismissed

Lining Up Procedures
When instructed:
Turn to the left
Walk slowly to the door staying behind whoever is in front of you
Wait for your teacher’s permission before exiting



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