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Animoto is a web tool that allows users to easily incorporate images, text, and music into web based videos.




Samples of Animoto Videos for Education

Promote your school program!


Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

  Skyline High School Virtual Tour



Here is an example of my first creation using the free account of Animoto.   After I created this video in Animoto, I used the embed code to display the video in this wiki.  There are also options to download the video, post it to YouTube or purchase an HD quality DVD.  I used my free account, so again, I was limited to 12 slides (this includes text slides) and 30 seconds long.


Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.



How do I create an Animoto video?

  1. First, you need to sign up for an account.  There is a free account, but it is limited to 12 slides and 30 seconds long.  There is also a free education account.  You need to fill out the application here, then wait a few weeks to receive a confirmation email with your education code.
  2. Once you receive your email confirmation, you can login and begin building your video.
  3. To explore the product features, click here.  This page provides an overview of how to use this site, plus a how-to for using each feature in creating your video.
  4. You can find great tutorials on YouTube for every tool on the web.  There are many for Animoto.  This one I featured is from the Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries. Note:  When finding tutorials on YouTube, be sure to read the reviews for the best ones.  It helps you weed through the poor ones!  When you are planning on using Animoto in the future, use this video to help you get started.  It's great because you can always press the pause button while you practice.

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 684d549142304151ad7db5a2778781cb



Ideas for the classroom

  • Create a 30 second commercial or public service announcement about…
  • Summarize the main idea of this passage in images and words in 30 seconds or less
  • Create video flashcards for vocabulary keywords
  • Great for brainstorming and storyboarding
  • Create a simulated field trip
  • Great way to market your program to your school and local community
  • Present wonderful end of the year videos
  • Have students create a 30 second video about themselves at the beginning of the year so that everyone can get to know each other.
  • Great way to introduce a new learning concept to students.
  • Great way to evoke student interest. I am using it for Antigone.
  • Have students create a short photo brochure of a country you are studying.
  • Allow students to showcase their pictures taken on a particular topic as part of a larger project. (C.Caves)



  • Animoto is intuitive and easy to use. It is easier and faster than creating a PowerPoint and yields much more visually satisfying products.
  • Great selection of images and music on the site or you can upload your own images
  • After you choose your images, text and music the site then adds effects to create a very interesting dynamic presentation. It really looks professionally done.
  • Can upgrade videos to DVD-quality
  • You can add text (title slides) to the presentation
  • If you do not like the video, hit the remix button and animoto will not only redo the video but it will save the original version
  • You recieve an email notification informing you when your video is finished
  • No limit on how many videos you can create
  • For a small price of $3.00/video you can make a full length video and for a $30.00 annual feel you can make as many videos as you want.
  • For a very reasonable price, you can create videos on Animoto and have them put on a DVD and shipped to your school/residence.

  • With the limited text capabilities, you will be able to practice how to make your idea clear and concise.
  • Animoto could be used as the alternative narrative method literally without using lots of language in your literacy classroom.
  • You can easily upload your video to any networking sites with one click! (C.Caves)
  • You can watch all of your videos from your primary Animoto.com account on your iPhone.
  • With an All Access Pass you can now create full-length videos, directly from your iPhone.



  • The 30 second limit for free videos does limit the amount of information you can present.
  • You do have to create a user account to create videos and you have to have an email address to establish the account.
  • Must be 13 years old to create membership in Education edition.
  • Limited text capabilities (text cannot be added to pictures)
  • You can only select one song
  • If students upload their own songs, they must own the copyright!  This is a great opportunity to discuss copyright laws with your students!
  • Song must be one bought on the internet.
  • Could be difficult to use in the classroom with younger students (C.Caves)
  • Not compatible with BMP images




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