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Current Events for Kids

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Great web resource for students grades 2-8.  The site navigates easily and intuitively.  There are three main sections:  current events, website reviews and maps.  Great for having students read articles and providing summaries.



Jim Lehrer's newshour for kids is a super resource for grades 7-12.


Scholastic News Online
Today’s news headlines in a kid-friendly format. Kids will experience the news from a variety of angles with articles, videos, book reviews, surveys, newsfeeds, and podcasts. The Kids Press Corps are real kids conducting interviews, reporting, and maintaining the blog. The site includes interactive games about current events, geography, newsmakers, and more.


CNN Interactive.
News from CNN organized in a clear, crisp fashion with coverage in a wide number of areas.

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wikiuser0009 said

at 10:39 am on May 5, 2011

I liked all of the above sites because I believe it is very important that children of all ages be global citizens of the planet and keep up to date with issues that effect us all. I would like to have seen NPR on here, just because I believe they offer content not available in may other media sources.

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