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Group 2 Project

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Utami Setiyadi, Christopher Heath, and Rodrigo Ramos


What is the goal of your project?  What learning targets are you focusing on?


  • This is the project goal is to look at the different opportunities for education around the world and present one example to your peers.
  • These are the skills the project is going to build garner appreciation for their opportunity for education, research skills, social skills, and collaborative skills.


Bridging personal experience with project

  • The hook in this project will be a video or photo montage of the what other school-aged children around the world and the conditions in which they either live in or go to school in.


'Brainstorming Ideas'

Building prior knowledge and experience

  • Students will break up into groups.
  • If students have personal experiece from living in or studying in another country they will be highly encouraged to share it. 
  • As a group, students will individually research a region of interest and as a group will vote toselect what region of the world they will focus on.  

'Read/Watch and Clarify'

Metacognitive Development


  • Students will connect with students from around the world via skype.
  • Students will be directed to YouTube to gain insight.
  • Students will be directed to National Geographic website to  capture visual imagery to better understand conditions worldwide.
  • Students will research all aspects of the country they are presenting on.   

Project Product-

text re-presentation

ex.  collaborative poster, video, podcast, etc.

  • Students will be given the choice to decide how to present. Such as in a skit, and art project, a report with a powerpoint presented to the group. etc. 
  • Describe the post production of the work.  
Presenting and Promoting
  • A presentation with Teachers and Parents will be setup to showcase the students projects.
  • Students will self-promote projects. 


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