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Group 4 Project

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Project Name


What is the goal of your project?  What learning targets are you focusing on?


  • This is the project goal
  • These are the skills the project is going to build ex. writing, collaboration, creativity, etc.


Bridging personal experience with project

  • Think of a 'quick write' or 'think, pair, share' that the students can engage in to bridge their personal experiences with the project goal.  For example if your project is to create a PSA on bullying, have them write about a time they either consoled someone who was bullied or how someone consoled them when they were bullied.  



'Brainstorming Ideas'

Building prior knowledge and experience

  • What will this activity look like for the students? Will they divide into groups or pairs or brainstorm in writing individually?

'Read/Watch and Clarify'

Metacognitive Development


  • What web resources (articles and/or videos, podcasts, vodcasts, etc.) will you use for building knowledge?
  • How will you organize your focus of reading? (Groups of two, individual?)

Project Product-

text re-presentation

ex.  collaborative poster, video, podcast, etc.

  • The idea for a project is to take the writings of understanding from each reading and manifest it into an original work. 
  • Describe the post production of the work.
Presenting and Promoting


  • How will the students present and promote their projects?
  • Who will they present it to?  How will you promote the event?


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